36 Hours in Quebec City

Source : The New York Times, Ingrid K. Williams, 14 janvier 2016 

In Quebec’s capital, hip and historic exist side by side, with cultural and culinary enticements for all manner of visitors. (…)


1. MEMORABLE SOUVENIRS, 3 P.M.The most exciting district to explore right now is revitalized St.-Roch (san-ROCK), a once-seedy neighborhood northwest of the historic center where a bunch of cool secondhand and design shops have bloomed. The souvenir hunt starts at Si Les Objets Pouvaient Parler, a curios shop filled with vintage finds and conversation starters ranging from old typewriters to Polaroid cameras. Next browse nearby Rétro Bordello, a narrow boutique that recently stocked zany mushroom lamps and hockey pennants for the former hometown Nordiques team. Then visit  Bois & Cuir, a sleek year-old home-furnishings store selling unconventional pieces like metal trunk desks and birdcage chandeliers. (…)Tout l’article. En complément : 2 quotidiens new-yorkais encensent la Ville de Québec. ]

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