On parle de Saint-Roch jusqu'en... Australie !

 Voici un article publié le 17 janvier 2013 dans la version web du journal australien The Age dans la section Traveller (Voyageur).Dans cet article le journaliste Tim Richards décrit ses impressions du quartier de Saint-Roch et de la vie qui y règne. Un endroit où vous vivez la « vraie » ville de Québec. Un quartier à découvrir hors des murs du Vieux-Québec, selon lui. 

Dining on the edge

Tim Richards gets a taste for a resurgent St Roch, an up-and-coming area of Quebec City.

"If you want to get the true Quebec feeling, you've got to come down to the Lower Town and live with the people. No one's living in the Upper Town inside the walls, it's all tourists."I'm standing inside Jef Poissonnerie in the St Roch district of Quebec City, talking to owner Jean-Francois (Jeff) Mondou. His poissonnerie, or fish shop, is a slick modern space with stools made from tree trunks, and long glass cases of seafood on ice.It's a symbol of the resurgence of St Roch, located on the flat area beneath the ever-popular Old Quebec, with its historic, narrow streets and 18th-century walls. St Roch, by comparison, was, until recently, the dodgy part of town, and you'd still think of it as edgy."There are lots of different types of people here – poor people, strange people, cool people, workers, businessmen – all getting on together," Jeff says. "It's a nice vibe."

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